For the first time we used the
wind tunnel
on a two wheels
We started from raw material and made it sculpted by the wind.
“Sculpted by the Wind”
becomes the payoff of our concept, precisely to signify how material shaped by the wind becomes a connecting element between the needs of modern life with the utmost respect and protection of the environment in which we must employ it.
We mixed


Applying urban commuting needs to an attractive design that enhance the vehicle’s performance and functionality: this brings Vmoto’s APD project to life.

A change. An innovation.

With its lines, the concept represents a big innovation for Vmoto:
it anticipates main elements and lines that will characterize some new key models.

Why Pininfarina?

It’s a legendary design house International repute, symbol of Italian style in the world. With almost 90 years of experience, it offers products and services based on the values of the brand: purity, elegance and innovation.